Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Dotnet interview questions

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.NET Interview Questions

What is garbage collection?
Can we force garbage collector to run ?
What is reflection?
What are different type of JIT ?
What are Value types and Reference types ?
What is concept of Boxing and Unboxing ?
What’s difference between VB.NET and C# ?
What’s difference between System exceptions and Application exceptions?
What is CODE Access security?
What is a satellite assembly?
How to prevent my .NET DLL to be decompiled?
What’s the difference between Convert.toString and .toString() method ?
What is Native Image Generator (Ngen.exe)?
We have two version of the same assembly in GAC? I want my client to make choice of
which assembly to choose?
What is CodeDom?

.NET Interoperability
How can we use COM Components in .NET?
Twist : What is RCW ?
Once i have developed the COM wrapper do i have to still register the COM in registry?
How can we use .NET components in COM?
Twist :- What is CCW (COM callable wrapper) ?, What caution needs to be taken in order
that .NET components is compatible with COM ?
How can we make Windows API calls in .NET?
When we use windows API in .NET is it managed or unmanaged code ?
What is COM ?
What is Reference counting in COM ?
Can you describe IUKNOWN interface in short ?
Can you explain what is DCOM ?
How do we create DCOM object in VB6?
How to implement DTC in .NET ?
How many types of Transactions are there in COM + .NET ?
How do you do object pooling in .NET ?
What are types of compatibility in VB6?
What is equivalent for regsvr32 exe in .NET ?

What is Multi-tasking ?
What is Multi-threading ?
What is a Thread ?
Did VB6 support multi-threading ?
Can we have multiple threads in one App domain ?
Which namespace has threading ?
Can you explain in brief how can we implement threading ?
How can we change priority and what the levels of priority are provided by .NET ?
What does Addressof operator do in background ?
How can you reference current thread of the method ?
What's Thread.Sleep() in threading ?
How can we make a thread sleep for infinite period ?
What is Suspend and Resume in Threading ?
What the way to stop a long running thread ?
How do i debug thread ?
What's Thread.Join() in threading ?
What are Daemon thread's and how can a thread be created as Daemon?
When working with shared data in threading how do you implement synchronization ?
Can we use events with threading ?
How can we know a state of a thread?
What is a monitor object?
What are wait handles ?
Twist :- What is a mutex object ?
what is ManualResetEvent and AutoResetEvent ?
What is ReaderWriter Locks ?
How can you avoid deadlock in threading ?
What’s difference between thread and process?

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