Friday, September 24, 2010

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1) -- How to crate & place themes in Share point sites?
2) -- How can u call the custom CSS in Share point?
3) -- How many types of permissions in Share point?
4) --How to change the default date format (mm/dd/yyyy) to jan-01-2008? 
5) -- BDC? Why to go for BDC?
6) --In how many ways backup and restore the SharePoint site?
7) -- What is Audience targeting? 
8) --Can u write the code to copy the existing list to another list?
9) --What is the use of STSADM tool? 
10-- How to create & delete list using object data model? 
11--Did u create any workflows in ur project ? what are the workflows u created ( and either by using sharepoint designer or visualstudio)
12--Difference between and statemac. Workflow ? 
13--How do u debug the workflows ( how do u handle exceptions) ? 
14--Can we generate the strong name key to private assembiles ? 
15--How can u deploy the webpart to sharepoint gallery Sub question : ( I don’t want to put the assembly in GAC i want that is as a private assembly ) Why it s necessary to mention that is a safecontrol ?

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