Friday, September 24, 2010

Sharepoint interview questions

What is Sandbox solution? Posted by: Shankul2784 | Show/Hide Answer When user writing custom code then it is not trusted, its failure causses on entire site. So the sandbox solution concept is used. In that case program is only written for particular site & solution is uploaded in the same site. The solution size limit is decided at the time of site creation & if size increases or code showing bad performance then it is easy to administrator to stop the working of solution. What is the difference between Sandbox solution & farm solution? Posted by: Shankul2784 | Show/Hide Answer We can create sandbox solution for particular site but not for the entire site collection or farm. It is not applicable for farm solution. There are some restriction while creating the sandbox solution. Why we use the properties.current.web instead of SPContext.Current.web in event receiver? Posted by: Shankul2784 | Show/Hide Answer When we deploy project from Visual studio then we can use the SPContext.Current.web but when we use the powershell to activate or deactive the feature then we have to use properties.current.web beacuse there is no access of browser here. Which are default master pages in Sharepoint 2010? Posted by: Shankul2784 | Show/Hide Answer 1. v4.master - This is default master page. 2. default.master - this is used to support the 2007 user interface 3. minimal.master 4. simple.master- it is used for accessdenied.aspx, confirmation.aspx, error.aspx, login.aspx, reqacc.aspx, signout.aspx & webdeleted.aspx pages. What is the difference between CustomMasterUrl & MasterUrl? Posted by: Shankul2784 | Show/Hide Answer MasterUrl is used to change the layout of all use end pages but CustomMasterUrl is for changing the layout of admin side pages. what is web part?and type Posted by: Sagarp | Show/Hide Answer Web Parts are the fundamental building blocks for Share Point user interface, and with them we can build and integrate many different types of applications.In share point also be create custom web part using .oscx control steps create custom web part 1.create web part project copied .oscx control and build .dll file in GAC .reset IIS. 2.go 12 hive _layout folder create folder past your .oscx control 3.go inetpub ->wwwroot->wss->open Your site ->web con fig->create safe control write assembly information of web part application sharepoint site ->site action-site editing->Galleries ->web part->new Add your web part. follow few web part in WSS 3.0 Content Editor Web Part Data View Web Part List View Web Part Image Web Part Members Web Part . Page Viewer Web Part What are the types of input forms that can be created for a workflow ? Posted by: Sagarp | Show/Hide Answer You can create four different types of input forms including 1. An association form 2. An initiation form 3. A modification form 4. A task edit form. what is CAML? Posted by: Neeks | Show/Hide Answer CALM tands for Collaborative Application Markup Language and is an XML-based language that is used in Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services to define sites and lists, including, for example, fields, views, or forms, but CAML is also used to define tables in the Windows SharePoint Services database during site provisioning. What are the advantages of SharePoint Portal Services (SPS) over SharePoint Team Services (STS)? Posted by: Neeks | Show/Hide Answer harePoint Portal Services (SPS) has MUCH better document management. It has check-in, check-out, versioning, approval, publishing, subscriptions, categories, etc. STS does not have these features, or they are very scaled back. SharePoint Portal Services (SPS) has a better search engine, and can crawl multiple content sources. STS cannot. STS is easier to manage and much better for a team environment where there is not much Document Management going on. SPS is better for an organization, or where Document Management is crucial. References"

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