Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The beginning of a journery - Making movie

  1. A chick trying to break an egg and coming out to the world 
  2. Baby trying to walk first steps
  3. Calf trying to walk first steps
  4. Plant coming out of earth
  5. First drop of rain / Beginning of rain
  6. First stone of construction
  7. First step in school ( School kid standing in front of school gate and gate is opening, and walking towards school)
  8. First day of moon
  9. Bird first flight / or trying to fly
  10. Kid writing "A" on a slate
  11. Fire from coal (when it burns and fire comes out)
  12. Driving on an empty road alone 
  13. Joining into a heavy traffic road
  14. Bike racing full throttle.... We are ready

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